It’s happening!

I’m am thrilled that Clergy Crate is becoming a reality! Growing up with a passion for ministry, I’ve also always enjoyed for making others’ lives more fun through surprise gifts, notes, anything that can make their day a bit brighter. If I could find something that really met a need or want they had, it was all the more exciting!

Now that I am serving as a pastor, getting a note from a parishioner or a care package from a friend can go a long way in encouraging me in my ministry. While every day I feel called to minister, there are some days when the difficulties of this vocation pile up. I hope that on one of those days you will get your Clergy Crate, open it up, and remember the joy of this life we lead!


If you are interested in Clergy Crate, please subscribe to receive email updates from our page. If you are already on board, excited to see what that very first crate will contain, please order your Clergy Crate! The more preorders we get the more leverage we’ll have to be able to research and fund great content for you!

FYI: Current pricing is $30 per crate for one mailing, $55 for two mailings, or $100 for a year (4 mailings). The four quarterly mailings will arrive approximately at 1) Ash Wednesday 2) End of School Year 3) Beginning of School Year 4) First Sunday of Advent.

To make the start of this new venture just a little smoother, the very first Clergy Crate will be limited to 50 female Christian clergy (or any who wouldn’t mind getting content directed towards female Christian clergy) in the U.S.A.. We hope to expand the audience in the future!


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