Some exciting updates to the site…

The first mailing is getting closer and closer to being sent, with one more timely item in process at this very moment!


As you await that, I wanted to be sure to loop you in on some exciting updates:

Special Events
We are now offering mailings for special events! While Clergy Crates are all about self-care, this is a way you can spread the love to other clergy people in your life for the special things going on in their lives (though you absolutely can send one to yourself!). This includes Ordination/Installation, Anniversary of Ordination/Pastorate/Installation, Vocational Transitions, Birthday, Wedding, New Baby, or the myriad other events that uniquely impact our lives.


This will be a fun new venture because it will allow Clergy Crate to branch out a bit, while also not getting too bogged down all at once with the larger mailings. There’s also a range in pricing ($15-$40) that gives some flexibility, both in your ordering and in my fulfillment of orders.

Vendor Info
We have some genuinely great vendors (though I’m admittedly biased!) and it’s a joy to be able to feature their work in these crates. If you find something you like in the crates, be sure to check out the corresponding vendor to see what else they have available and see how they can support you and your ministry. We’ll be adding to the vendor list as the months go on. Have a suggestion of a vendor you would like to see? Please fill out the contact form. We’re grateful for tips on what makes your ministry life better.


Praying you have a blessed sixth week of ordinary time!
(I’m sure you don’t get told that too often!)

And to start your weekday on an adorable note:


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