Clergy Crate Day!

I’ve heard from a number of you that your Clergy Crate has arrived. I’m so glad! It’s been a joy to hear your responses to this project after having it unfolding for a while just on my end. Each time I saw your names, through checking through orders, printing and applying labels, and filling each mailing, I said a prayer for you and for your ministry. It is my hope that those prayers are felt in the content of the mailing as you interact with it in the weeks and months to come.

If you ordered a Clergy Crate and have yet to receive it, please feel free to request your tracking number. I have a giant receipt that I can look through to find the number if need be.


Cutest Quality Control around!

In a few days, I’ll post a picture of what all was received so that those still making up their minds about ordering for the next crate can have a better idea of what to expect.

Also, be sure to check out our other types of mailings, Event Crates and Life Awards, to bless the clergy in your life, or send a treat to yourself!

And for those who received this mailing, your testimonial responses (submitted on the bottom of the Subscribers page) will be very helpful while our company and brand are established.




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