Happy Shrove Tuesday! (from Clergy Crate and Sister Act)

I just spent the evening eating pancakes, giggling with church members of all ages (having a 7-month-old brings that out of people…), and getting ready to face my mortality!


That odd combination in this life we lead means that today was Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday Eve, when we give our vices one last hurrah before hiding them away with the hallelujahs and the white paraments. So one last hallelujah before tomorrow…


…because our subscribers have now all received their very first Clergy Crate!!!

It was a joy to put them together and it’s been such a thrill hearing back from many of you on how they have affected you and your ministry. Be sure to check out our Testimonials to find out how others have felt about their experience with Clergy Crate. If you are a subscriber, please help strengthen this project through your testimonials to clergycrate@gmail.com.

If you were not a subscriber, check out the photo below to see what was included:

setFun fact: the content of this mailing ended up with a value of over $50! Supplementary online materials on the site provided instructions, liturgy, and links to other items to enhance clergy life. Check out the pictures below to see the items in more detail. If you are interested in any of the items click on the picture and you will be linked to where you may purchase that item.

Living and Loving Life

This labyrinth was made by Handcrafted Pewter and are only sold wholesale. If you would like to purchase more or other sorts of labyrinth items, please email clergycrate@gmail.com.



There was also a whole collection of resources (for use in ministry and personal spiritual life) provided by A Sanctified Art on a site they made just for Clergy Crate subscribers!


It was a joy to put this collection together. Thanks to the investment of so many of you in both 2 mailing and 4 mailing subscriptions, I have been able to work ahead on the other crates for this year. Things are coming together quite well and I look forward to sending the next mailing out in May! If you’d like to receive the May mailing and are not already subscribed, please be sure to order here.


Can’t wait till May? Be sure to check out our Event Crates and Life Awards!

I hope you have a penitent Lent and enjoy being reminded of your sin and mortality! (or whatever you’re supposed to wish someone in this season…)


Know that you and your ministry are in my thoughts and prayers as you navigate this season of wilderness.

In hope,




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