Thank you for your interest in Clergy Crate. Ordering is now open for Advent 2017. Sign up by  1) Filling out the form below AND 2) Paying using the appropriate link below the form.

Current pricing is $30 per crate for one mailing, $55 for two mailings, or $100 for a year (4 mailings). The four quarterly mailings will arrive approximately at 1) Ash Wednesday 2) End of School Year 3) Beginning of School Year 4) First Sunday of Advent.

As of this writing, the Clergy Crate for Advent 2017,  will be limited to 50 Christian clergy (or any who wouldn’t mind getting content directed towards Christian clergy) in the U.S.A.. We are currently working on expanding to international shipping and will update when that happens.  If you place your order after we’ve exceeded 50 orders you will be notified as soon as possible to see if you would like your order to either be 1) applied to the next Clergy Crate or 2) canceled. We hope to expand our audience and numbers in the future!

Due to costs related to shipping, the pricing will need to go up slightly starting with the 2018 Lenten Crate so this will be your last chance to purchase crates that this particular price. Not sure when your subscription is up? Feel free to use the Contact form.

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