Order Your Clergy Crate to Enter a Giveaway!

Clergy Crate has relocated to St. Louis, MO! It’s been a crazy season of transition, just in time for this yearly season of transition: back-to-school, beginning of church program year, 22nd Sunday of Ordinary Time… well, that last one’s not quite as exciting, but you get the point. This month’s clergy crate is specifically curated to help you to start this season off well… establish some new practices, break some ice, and get a bit more organized.

The Back-to-School Season Clergy Crate is going out very soon, with a few left to be sold, so I’ve got a giveaway for those ordering today!

  • The first two people to purchase a year’s subscription (4 mailings) will get a copy of the amazing, Jenny Lawson’s, “You are Here.” It’s a personal favorite of mine!

By way of a personal update, in this move to St. Louis, I have also made the transition from full-time pastor to full-time mom. I hope to do pulpit supply and freelance work to keep my pastoring skills from getting rusty in this new season of life. Feel free to check out my website for this work, Rev. Freelance, if there’s a way I can work with you or your ministry.


A Delayed Post about an On-Time Mailing

… if you’re going to have one or the other, this is the way to go, right?

Check out the May 2017 Clergy Crate, including the items below:

Fun fact: the content of this mailing ended up with a value of over $40! There was also a whole additional set of materials available on our password protected Subscribers page!

This Clergy Crate was designed around some of the activities unique to summer in the church. In my context, summer often means outdoor worship services. I find it tricky to both be comfortable in what I’m wearing and to use a mic pack, so the first item that shaped this mailing was the waist pack. I like how it looks relatively small until items are put in the zippered pockets, so it doesn’t look any bulkier than need be. With those summer worship experiences in mind, I also included both throat drops and (actually tasty!) antacids in my favorite flavors, which have gotten me through many a worship service. The rest of the items were selected to be able to fit into the pouch to support whatever work or play you have going on this season.

This waist pack is ideal for summer worship services as well as needing to be the go-to person for activities and first aid while on trips with your ministry, with the bandaid themed playing cards hinting at a bit of both. After much of my seminary experience surrounded by people playing ultimate frisbee, this little frisbee intrigued me as a way to play frisbee with it being small enough to come along wherever the summer may take you. I could also see it being a great fit for a promotional item to hand out for VBS, a campus activity fair, or rally day. This clay palm cross is designed to be held in hand as a help for focus in prayer practices.

In general, I’m trying to keep the contents of these mailings at a high quality and hopefully feature studios, companies, brands, artists, and products you may not have heard of, but in ministry life and ministry mailings, sometimes Oriental Trading ends up being a big help. Each of the items highlighted below comes from Oriental Trading and would work well for Take Our Church:

Puzzles like these cross ones can provide entertainment on a long/bus/plane/train ride when the group’s getting a bit restless. Traveling with competitive types? Time everyone to see who can complete the puzzle the fastest.

This scratch off postcard can serve as an object lesson for how God’s goodness is revealed, coming to understanding someone or something below the surface of what we see, or how God transforms us… and then it can be mailed!

This prayer journal is mostly designed for use by kids, but I think is applicable to any who want to have a clear prayer practice.

These temporary tattoos each have a different scripture verse. Depending on your audience, these can be amusing to unite your group with everyone having a tattoo or to set yourself apart with a sleeve of biblical tattoos. Or, if you’re in a particularly difficult season, you might find it helpful to have one of these on you as your own private encouragement.

There were additional resources provided by:



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For those who received this mailnig: Any testimonials or photos you can share of your mailing, especially with you using the items in your context, would be particularly helpful. Email clergycrate@gmail.com with your photos.

April Showers Bring May… Clergy Crates!

Whether your April was dry, rainy, or filled with snow, be assured that the May Clergy Crate will be on its way soon! It’s filled with items to brighten your day, whatever the weather. I’m hoping the items will be a resource to you throughout your ministries this summer.

What are your plans for this summer? Leading mission trips? Taking part in your church’s Vacation Bible School? Comment on this post for a chance to receive a bonus item in your May Clergy Crate!

There are just 6 May Clergy crates still available! Be sure to order soon to receive yours!


HOLY Week – Caring for Clergy Crate Kids

This past week I’ve heard several of my clergy friends say, “ahh! what do I get for my kids for Easter!?”

It’s tricky when you want to find items that are appropriate theologically and age-wise, but that are also fun. Also, if they can be ordered on Maundy Thursday and get here by Holy Saturday, that’s all the better! Amazon Prime is your friend! If you haven’t tried it yet, this is the perfect time for a free trial.*

To provide a bit of care for my clergy friends (and anyone else stuck in this predicament!) here’s a list of suggestions for various ages at various price points. I pray it will be helpful for you!:

Clergy Crate Kids

Remember, Christ came for you to have abundant life. (John 10:10). May your Easter Sunday afternoon (or evening if need be), be filled with napping!


*Believe it or not, I’m getting no sort of kick back from Amazon on this… I just genuinely like them that much!

Holy Week as Told by the Cast of Princess Bride

You know that feeling when you get soooo into a certain Biblical story everything seems like a sermon illustration? Yeah, that’s where my head is at this Holy Week… and today it happens to have come through in the story of:

Procession of Palms

Turning Tables

Last Supper

Garden of Gesthemane

Judas Betrayal

Mocked by Crowd



Holy Saturday


May your week indeed be holy.

Happy Shrove Tuesday! (from Clergy Crate and Sister Act)

I just spent the evening eating pancakes, giggling with church members of all ages (having a 7-month-old brings that out of people…), and getting ready to face my mortality!


That odd combination in this life we lead means that today was Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday Eve, when we give our vices one last hurrah before hiding them away with the hallelujahs and the white paraments. So one last hallelujah before tomorrow…


…because our subscribers have now all received their very first Clergy Crate!!!

It was a joy to put them together and it’s been such a thrill hearing back from many of you on how they have affected you and your ministry. Be sure to check out our Testimonials to find out how others have felt about their experience with Clergy Crate. If you are a subscriber, please help strengthen this project through your testimonials to clergycrate@gmail.com.

If you were not a subscriber, check out the photo below to see what was included:

setFun fact: the content of this mailing ended up with a value of over $50! Supplementary online materials on the site provided instructions, liturgy, and links to other items to enhance clergy life. Check out the pictures below to see the items in more detail. If you are interested in any of the items click on the picture and you will be linked to where you may purchase that item.

Living and Loving Life

This labyrinth was made by Handcrafted Pewter and are only sold wholesale. If you would like to purchase more or other sorts of labyrinth items, please email clergycrate@gmail.com.



There was also a whole collection of resources (for use in ministry and personal spiritual life) provided by A Sanctified Art on a site they made just for Clergy Crate subscribers!


It was a joy to put this collection together. Thanks to the investment of so many of you in both 2 mailing and 4 mailing subscriptions, I have been able to work ahead on the other crates for this year. Things are coming together quite well and I look forward to sending the next mailing out in May! If you’d like to receive the May mailing and are not already subscribed, please be sure to order here.


Can’t wait till May? Be sure to check out our Event Crates and Life Awards!

I hope you have a penitent Lent and enjoy being reminded of your sin and mortality! (or whatever you’re supposed to wish someone in this season…)


Know that you and your ministry are in my thoughts and prayers as you navigate this season of wilderness.

In hope,



Clergy Crate Day!

I’ve heard from a number of you that your Clergy Crate has arrived. I’m so glad! It’s been a joy to hear your responses to this project after having it unfolding for a while just on my end. Each time I saw your names, through checking through orders, printing and applying labels, and filling each mailing, I said a prayer for you and for your ministry. It is my hope that those prayers are felt in the content of the mailing as you interact with it in the weeks and months to come.

If you ordered a Clergy Crate and have yet to receive it, please feel free to request your tracking number. I have a giant receipt that I can look through to find the number if need be.


Cutest Quality Control around!

In a few days, I’ll post a picture of what all was received so that those still making up their minds about ordering for the next crate can have a better idea of what to expect.

Also, be sure to check out our other types of mailings, Event Crates and Life Awards, to bless the clergy in your life, or send a treat to yourself!

And for those who received this mailing, your testimonial responses (submitted on the bottom of the Subscribers page) will be very helpful while our company and brand are established.