Always looking for new ways to be good stewards of your time and money? Looking for new ways of doing things? Don’t like watching the news, but like being informed? Feeling bad that you never get any photos printed? Or wanting to cook more fresh, healthy, balanced meals? Check out the links below to make your life just a little better. By clicking on the pictures you will be linked through a referral code that will be beneficial for the both of us. If you went through the links on each of these, you would get a total value of  $72.99, plus additional savings on the sites!


One of my post-election self-care practices was to avoid consuming the news in an anxiety-producing way. An effective means I have found of doing that is by receiving daily emails from Skimm. I find they provide enough content to keep me mostly in the loop, but not so much to make me lose too much sleep at night (and they don’t have pictures with the news articles, which I find helpful). If you click on the picture link and sign up, it’ll give credit as a Skimm’bassador. You can easily unsubscribe if you end up not liking it.

I cannot say enough good things about HelloFresh. It helps solve the age-old question of “what’s for dinner?” and equipped my family with the ingredients and knowledge to make tasty, well-rounded meals. I find us buying groceries less and having less food waste as well. By clicking on the picture, you will receive $40 off your first box!


Love the idea of getting discounts for buying in bulk, but would rather not pay for a membership, or haul giant items home from the store? Boxed is a site that will let you buy items in bulk, without any membership commitment (and a great variety of products!). Click the picture for a link that will give you $15 off your first Boxed order of $60 or more. Shipping is always free with orders of $49 or more.

This site is seriously cool. When I was little I dreamed of being an inventor, and that desire for innovation never really went away. Betabrand is a site where clothing designers workshop their designs through the input of site users. There are some great practical items on here for ministry like yoga pant dress pants (in maternity sizing too!) and heels with the engineering of sneakers. Click on the picture to get $15 off your first purchase of $75 or more.


Feel like you take a lot of pictures, but then don’t seem to do much with them? Do you have family members who don’t use computers or social media who would like to see more of what’s going on in your life? Groovebook is an incredibly simple app in which you select up to 100 photos each month and for just $2.99 each (yes, really), they will send you a 4X6 book of your photos, each with a perforated edge so you can easily display them or send them to someone else. You can also add on additional subscriptions if you have people you’d like to get a copy of the book each month too (we’re doing this with my son’s grandparents!). Promo code HENRION13 will give both of us a free book.


Don’t you hate the feeling of finding a coupon code after you’ve already made a purchase? Honey can help! It is one of the most helpful tools I use when shopping online. It is a web extension that you install to your internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.). With the press of a button, it searches out coupon codes and automatically applies the most lucrative code available to your order. Even when there are no codes that apply it will still provide you with a cash bonus! By clicking on this link you will give me a $5 credit and be well on your way to saving on every purchase you make!


You may have heard of Groupon already, but haven’t yet tried it. Let me say from experience, it is a great way to save money and try things you may not be able to otherwise. By clicking on this link you will give me a $10 credit and begin to save on local experiences, vacations around the world, and even new Group Goods!